New Delhi, India

Mc Yum Yum.

I should feel really bad, like really bad and ashamed but I DON’T! My Mc Donalds yesterday was bloody lovely! Today’s (Tuesday) was just as nice and I don’t care what anyone thinks. I did have an Indian styley Big Mac at least which, was mildly spicy.

So the tour is well and truly over. Officially it ended yesterday and last night was our final group dinner before the truck headed off south towards Mumbai. Now there are four of us hanging around trying to understand how this country works. Remember that scene in Top Gear where May is waiting to get a train ticket, that actually happens and isn’t even an exaggeration. The way India ticks is bizarre. Dan and I walked through numerous ticket check points, past many guards and security scanners crossing the massive central station and we didn’t get stopped once. We finally made it to the ticket office we wanted and now Dan has a two day train journey to Goa to look forward to.

So the photos I’ve put up today may seem a bit normal and boring and look just like pictures of a city. That’s the point. Contrast these pictures with pictures from a week a go and you will see my point. New Delhi is one wealthy city, at least the bits I’ve seen. The metro system is awesome, the streets are tidier than London I would have thought and the big open spaces are…well big, green and open. There is such a massive gap between here and the other places we have visited in terms of wealth, infrastructure, education, cows…

I don’t know how I have portrayed India, I dare not read about my previous ramblings. Ultimately it is a fantastic country, an absolute must see IF you have done a bit of traveling before otherwise it may be a bit of a shock to the system. Also, being a lazy traveler I reckon a tour is definitely worth while as this place is so chaotic and everyone and I mean everyone is out to make a rupee. Always in your face which can be tedious, especially when I’m hungry! Also the place is massive! I will stick with my original statement that it is an attack of the senses but it is definitely something you come to appreciate and dare I say enjoy. I couldn’t live here but I would sure love to come back and visit southern India which I am led to believe is more chilled out!

Over all, a great group to travel with, beer was a bit too expensive, had very few warm showers (but I feel that will be the way for the next leg of my journey as well), loved the naan bread, people selling stuff made me laugh the majority of the time! A super country, certainly a grower, God knows where it will be in the future!

A bit of flying to do now, home for two days then the mighty, wonderful, beautiful, amazing Africa on Saturday for approximately five weeks. No idea how often I will get to post a blog, probably more often than I think although maybe less photos but I’ll try my best! Bring on the cheese and tomato sarnies with a side of flooding (according to BBC news)!

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