Lima, Peru


Peru people are very short.

Hola, welcome to Peru. I´m afraid this entry will be void of any picutres. This is partly because I have taken very few and partly because the ones I did take are on my new mobile phone which is awesome unless I want to connect to wireless or upload photos. To be fair I doubt it’s the phones problem. Not that you or, I care really! Like I said I´ve only taken about seven photos anyway because I´m in Lima which is a city. And I love cities but when I say love I mean ‘not a big fan’. I did hear it wasn’t that nice a city but I disagree. Where we are staying is quite central and is very nice to walk around but I saw everything I needed to see in one day and we’ve been here three. But, we leave tomorrow so very excited as it will be my first time seeing the truck and I´m very curious to see what the group is like. I´ve met all of them now I think but I haven´t seen them all together yet and they really are quite an interesting bunch. Once again I am one of the youngest. I have no doubt it will be a good laugh though with more than enough stories to report. One thing I cannot wait for is white water rafting on Christmas day in Chile. What’s more the rapids are supposed to be some of the best commercial rapids in the world with plenty of long grade 5’s, JACKPOT! This week alone we get the chance to fly over the Nazca lines, go camping under the stars in the desert with sand boarding and dune buggies for a bit of added fun and, go off to some canyon to see some big ass birds, condors I think. That’s all before the Inca trail and Machu Pitchu next week!

The highlight of Lima was a church, San Fransico church I think. It was also a monastery type thing I think (not one to pay attention). It was interesting and we had an English speaking guide but the real surprise was the library. Yes I know a library. But it was wonderful, it reminded me of something out of Harry Potter! Full of old spiral staircases, tables, chairs, bookshelves and thousands of books in Latin, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish dating back to the 1500´s. We were obviously allowed nowhere near these items but got a good look down the length of the library standing at one end of it. I know it probably doesn’t sound that exciting but it has been a slow few days and I swear it was a nice thing to see! Another highlight was a banana and strawberry smoothie!

So there we go, certainly plenty of awesomeness on the horizon with hopefully some great photos. Buneos dias.

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