Hoi An, Vietnam

Sun, pills and Tailors! 

Dodgy food! Friday morning began with a couple off Immodiums to calm things down a bit before a four hour bus trip down to Hoi An! I thought you should know that. The food here is great but the cravings for a cheese, tomato and mayonaise sandwich grow more by the day as does a cup of PG Tips. We drove over cloudy pass on Friday which apparently was heavily featured on Top Gear. It was rather scenic but only 500m above sea level and any good view was obstructed by power lines. A couple of concrete bunkers also sat at the top littered with bullet holes, you never have to look too hard for signs of Vietnams past. I would try and explain but it’s so bloody complicated. From what I gather at the moment, the CIA actually saved the guy that ten years later they would be trying to kill. I think. It certainly sounds like a CIA thing to do!

Went walkabout around Hoi An which is the city famed for its tailoring and apparently you can have anything you want made. I ended up getting measured up for a new suit and a casual jacket (for Mr Gadsby’s dinners). Friday did actually see my first night out on the beer finally and ended up in some backpacker type bar which was good fun. Saturday was mostly spent walking around town and having several suit fittings. I think it was worth it, all in the suit and jacket came to US$205. It just feels weird wearing a jacket that actually fits! In all Hoi An was rather steady but certainly a nice place to be and certainly comes with a greatly reduced risk of getting ran over by a moped!


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